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Strange Hum Rocks Seattle: Are Mating Fish The Cause?.

More strange sounds……and that doesn’t sound like the example sound of the fish given as an excuse at the following link either. Odd how many of  these kinds of events are happening.

Seattle Sound Example

Fish Mating Call


DA: Bath salts suspected in Hawley head-gnawing attack – News – The Times-Tribune.


I don’t think I buy this “bath salt” thing…yes I know the bath salt is a euphemism for some designer drug.

Apples fall from sky in Coventry: Traffic halted as ‘mini tornado’ dumps a hail of fruit | Mail Online.

Funny that the “vortex” was able to segregate just the apples. I also wonder if there has been a report from an orchard of trees stripped of leaves and fruits.  I know a vortex strong enough to strip apples would tear leaves and branches to shreds.

Any thoughts?

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